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Wise Cat Lady says.........

with kittens in the house....

shoelaces are spaghetti and legs are trees.....

and Jimmy Buffet's lost shaker of salt turned up in the litter box...

it is also a wise thing to remove the kitten from the chair before you try to sit in said chair....

Welcome to Desert Heat Radio


Click here to tune in using our built in webplayer....
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Streaming Radio so hot it makes the devil sigh......
The hottest NEW Streaming Radio on the net!
Based in Bakersfield, near the Mojave Desert in California, bringing you the hottest music around!

We should warn you -- this IS an adult oriented station and ALL DJ's will play songs or shows with explicit lyrics and language that are NOT suited for children!

Rocking the radio right off the net!! Live DJ's with shows so damn hot it will make you sweat!!!

Tune in for some of the best shows you will EVER hear.... the resident catlady has some crazy CRAZY things for you so random you will not want to miss a second of our programming!

There is a bio section for each DJ and interesting facts about them! To contact the DJ's simply put their name in the subject line and email to: But don't tell them the cat lady ratted them out....

Welcome to Desert Heat!
It is our GRAND OPENING and we thank you for stopping by and tuning in!

This is our DISCLAIMER that adult material will be played, discussed and broadcast. There will be discussions about various aspects of KINK and alternate lifestyles, all manner of them.
If this type of material is offensive to you please click our IRC Chat link above and visit #Help to talk about it!

We love to interact with our listeners and our LIVE DJ's can be found on our IRC sponsor site of The BDSM Chat. Click the IRC Chat link above, then join #chat it's our main channel!
Enter only if you dare though..... our room bot IceQueen... she is a bit touchy feely.... she likes hugs and gropes....

Fully Automated Streaming Radio!

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CatLady Remarks.....

I designed this site and hope you like it!
Yes, I own the site but I have set in a Station Manager and allow the DJ's to run the station. I prefer to be in the background and so random.... never know when I will steal the stream if a live DJ isn't on...
I have been around the IRC world since 1997... seen so many things you cannot imagine..... somewhere along the way folks have forgotten one thing...
IRC is supposed to be FUN AS HELL :) so is the net radio....
So, in this spirit we have created TheBDSM Chat and Desert Heat Radio.
I hope we raise the bar as to what net radio and IRC should be..... lets set a new standard together!
If it is ever NOT fun then we are failing YOU! Please let us know!

Thank you for visiting,
The Crazy Cat Lady

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All Rights Reserved, Private owned streaming radio

Disclaimer: Desert Heat Radio advises ANY listener to go to reputable sites to purchase the songs they listen to. We do not advise pirating, stealing etc of any music by employees, volunteers or listeners. The artists work hard to provide what you hear on our radio and we encourage listeners to purchase them from reputable sites or even visit the artists sites and suport their Patreon pages.
When an artist is kind enough to donate material to us we are always happy to include a link to their sites or Patreon pages to assist their future production of material.